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Facebook Hop


  It’s a one-day Girlfriend’s Book Club Giveaway.  Every stop has a special giveaway. Easy to enter, but please read instructions carefully.   HOW TO ENTER: Start at this page: Karin Gillespie: https://www.facebook.com/karingillespieauthor/?fref=ts  and follow the Hop to all the pages.   Giveaway open from 7 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on May 5.  Feel free to […]

GBC Memories


      Once upon a time, about twelve years ago, there was an author—let’s call her Karin— who got a book contract and decided she was going to doggedly do whatever she could to promote that book. It was a time when many authors had started blogging and yet, virtual book tours were still in their […]

My Circle Is Unbroken

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Sheila Curran Today, when I went to yoga, thinking about this last blog, I arrived late.  I made a spot in the back and began the poses, wondering what it was I could write.   I was raising up into cobra when someone tapped me on the shoulder.    She leaned over.  “I made room for you […]

On the Record for the Last Time

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define

I am a hybrid author, which means I have one foot in the traditional publishing world and another in the self publishing (or indie) world. A sentiment that I hear quite a bit in the self-publishing world is that indie writers are more generous with their knowledge and their support than authors in the traditional […]

Endings and beginnings


As a writer, I like symmetry. My last chapters always lead back to my first chapters while also launching my characters into a new story. A cliche, I know, but I believe one door closes, one opens. So here I am, half way through page proofs for novel four, ECHOES OF FAMILY, and looking back to the […]

How the GBC is like a Wonderful Gang of Book Mommies

Book Girlfriends

by Susan McBride The past eleven years have been, by far, the most interesting time of my life. I met my husband in 2005, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, treated in 2007, got married for the first time in 2008, and gave birth for the first time in 2012. And all the while, […]

A Whole New World

11 BBKW covers medium (1)

Last July, after the national Romance Writers of America conference, I got this wonderful email from my good friend, Roxanne St. Claire. She’d hinted at conference that Amazon had approached her about her fictional Barefoot Bay series and their Kindle Worlds program. If you’re not familiar with Amazon Kindle Worlds it’s basically an entire program […]

10 Sure Things: Wisdom Gleaned from the Girlfriends Book Club


Two years ago when author Sylvie Fox asked me if I was interested in joining the Girlfriends Book Club I was flattered, honored and terrified. The technology was baffling — how did I log onto someone else’s blog? All the authors were impressive, intimidating and did I really have enough to say? Nonetheless, I’d entered […]